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What Are the Benefits of a Whole-House Humidifier?

Having a humidifier directly attached to your HVAC system provides many benefits at the touch of a button. Beyond the convenience and ease of control, a whole house humidifier can improve the health of you and your family, help grow your bank account, and protect the contents of your home. 5 Benefits of Using an HVAC Humidifier Adding moisture is a great way to improve your home’s indoor air comfort. These are just a few ways investing in a whole-house...

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Air Care for Your HVAC: Tips For Winter

Now that we have had our first snow of the season, and we have officially entered the new year, how to care for your AC unit may be the last thing on your mind. Having said that, while we are currently focused on keeping our heating systems healthy and our homes warm, we also need to keep tabs on the outdoor condenser unit. Following these HVAC winter tips will help ensure your air conditioning unit works properly when the temperatures...

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How to Keep Pets Warm Without Electricity – Chicago, IL

Have you ever wondered what to do if the heat goes out in winter? Most people can make do during a power outage to stay warm, but what about pets? Do you have supplies on hand to keep your animals warm with no heat? Here are some tips for how to keep cats, dogs, and other pets warm when you’re waiting for the power to come back on. Blankets  Never underestimate the power of a blanket. Quilts, comforters, woolen throws,...

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Chicago: What is the Ideal Humidity for a Home in Winter?

To maintain health and comfort, a suitable humidity level in the home must be maintained, which may vary between summer and winter. Low humidity in summer and higher in winter are recommended for good Indoor air quality (IAQ). So, what is the best humidity level for homes in winter? A good range is 30-40% but some people may prefer lower levels. It’s essential to take into consideration anyone that has health issues like asthma or COPD, as dry air can...

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How To Conserve Energy During The Winter And Save

As temperatures outside are quickly dropping, some Chicagoans are already feeling the weight from the sudden increase in their energy bills. It has even been estimated that the price of the city of Chicago’s utilities will be the highest since 2008-2009. The average gas bill during a Chicago Winter in 2021 was roughly $96 per month. This year, that average is expected to be around 44% higher for homes across the Chicagoland area.  This unexpected spike in monthly bills has...

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9 Winter Heating Tips: Resolve to Stay Warm & Save Money

These energy saving tips for winter will help you start the new year right! Create new habits to stay warm while saving money. It takes 3 weeks to create a new habit, so with some hard work and determination, you can see a difference on your next electric bill! Call a Professional Have your heating system inspected and tuned up by a professional HVAC technician. Heat loss from inefficient systems adds up quickly, costing you money. Keep an eye on...

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