Furnace Service

In a place like Chicago, having a well-maintained, properly-functioning furnace is vital to your comfort, and your wallet. With advances in technology over the past several years, furnaces have changed quite a bit. The standard furnace service of years past would pale in comparison to what’s needed to keep modern furnaces running at an optimal level.

At Deljo Heating and Cooling, thanks to our commitment to providing our customers with the best service in town, you can rest assured that we’re well-versed in all the newest furnace technology. There is a wide range of options, but whether you’ve got a single-stage, two-stage, or modulating furnace, we’ve got the pro who knows how to fix it.

Our furnace service includes (but is not limited to!) a detailed inspection that checks for:

  • Heat exchanger will be inspected for cracks or deterioration. Safety
  • Air filters will be replaced at customer’s request. Performance
  • Safety controls will be tested for proper operation. Safety
  • Exhaust vent checked to be in working order. Safety
  • Home carbon monoxide test will be performed. Safety
  • Burners and pilots will be cleaned for proper operation. Performance
  • Blower motor and wheel will be inspected for debris. Performance
  • Operating controls will be cycled and visually inspected. Performance
  • Natural gas lines will be inspected for detectable leaks. Safety
  • Line voltage switch and wiring will be inspected. Safety
  • Furnace will be inspected for dirt, mold and mildew. Safety
  • Indoor relative humidity will be tested. Safety & Performance
  • Provide written report of condition and recommendations. Peace of mind!

Not every one of these services is necessary for every furnace. For example, a flame sensor is not present on all furnaces. Moreover, older units may not require some of these services.

Professional, Personalized Furnace Service for Chicagoland

With our furnace service, your burners will be pulled and cleaned. To ensure the best possible efficiency, we can adjust your heat-off delay. You can also expect a combustion analysis performed by a professionally certified HVAC technician. With a proper combustion analysis, we’ll be able to tell you if your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency and keep you safe.

But that’s not all.

Many people don’t realize that the factory settings for Oxygen levels are a touch too high to provide maximum efficiency. It’s also vital to monitor CO levels from time to time, as this can become a safety issue if CO levels are too high.

We’re happy to help our customers with older units get the maximum efficiency out of the remaining life of their furnace.

Find out why we’ve been serving Chicago’s Heating Needs Since 1922!

Advanced technology in residential furnaces has made heating much more affordable and efficient. But we’ll be the first ones to tell you that it’s also made furnace service a lot more complicated. That’s why you should leave it to trusted professionals who have been on the cutting edge of HVAC since 1922.

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