Different Types of Air Conditioners

If you’re in need of air conditioner repair in Irving Park or the installation of a completely new AC, Deljo Heating & Cooling is ready to serve you. Our cooling and heating company is ready to provide you with the services, maintenance and installation you need for different types of air conditioners. Our technicians take great pride in taking care of our customers and helping you stay as comfortable as possible in your own home. We are the leaders in air conditioning repair in Irving Park and Chicago.

Over the years, air conditioning technology has evolved to the point where those needing a new AC unit have a number of options from which to choose. But making the choice that’s right for you can be challenging and listed below are the four most common types of central air conditioning.

Split Systems

Split systems are the most commonly used heating and cooling system used in the United States. It features a metal case located outside with a condenser coil inside to release the heat and a compressor that pumps the refrigerant in between the evaporator coils and condenser. Inside the home a cabinet contains the evaporator coil that removes heat and moisture from the air. The indoor component connects to a duct network and a blower to circulate the cold air through all the rooms.

Heat Pumps

A variation of the typical split system, during the summer, the system pumps heat from the home and transfers it to the outdoors, while in the winter, it removes heat to warm up the home. Unfortunately, these heat pumps typically don’t work well in locations where temperatures fall below freezing and remain low for long periods of time.

Packaged Central Air Conditioning

This single-unit system features the compressor, evaporator and condenser. The ducts bring outside air into the house and emit the cooled air throughout the home. This air conditioning system is also ideal for smaller commercial buildings. When paired with heating coils, there’s no need for a separate furnace in the home.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

This type of system is ideal for homes that don’t already have duct work as no duct work is needed. This system uses an outdoor condenser and compressor with an indoor, wall-mounted air-handling unit. Separate indoor units are placed in each room and cools only that room, similar to a window air conditioner. The system allows you to independently control cold air flow for single rooms or even shut it off if the room isn’t used.

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