Different Types of Air Conditioners

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Over the years, air conditioning technology has evolved to the point where those needing a new AC unit have a number of options from which to choose. But making the choice that’s right for you can be challenging, and listed below are the four most common types of central air conditioning.

Split Systems

This is the most common type of central air conditioning system found in the U.S. Outside, a metal case contains the condenser coil that releases heat and the compressor that pumps the unit’s refrigerant between the condenser and evaporator coils. Inside the home a cabinet contains the evaporator coil that removes heat and moisture from the air. The indoor component is connected to a network of ducts and a blower that circulates cold air through all the rooms.

Heat Pumps

A variation of the traditional split system, during the summer, the system pumps heat from the house and releases it outside, while in the winter it extracts heat from outside to warm the house. Heat pumps, however, generally don’t work well when the temperature stays below freezing for extended periods.

Packaged Central Air Conditioning

This system combines the evaporator, condenser and compressor in a single unit. Ducts draw air from inside the house and return cooled air indoors. This type of system can also be used in small commercial buildings, and when combined with a set of heating coils, it eliminates the need for a separate furnace inside the structure.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

This is a good choice for homes that don’t already have duct work as no duct work is needed. This system combines an outdoor compressor and condenser with indoor air-handling units mounted on the walls.  Each indoor unit is installed in a separate room and cools that room only, much like a window air conditioner. The system allows the flow of cold air to be controlled independently in each room or shut off completely in empty rooms.

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