AC Repair in Chicago – Deljo Heating & Cooling

We all know that Chicago is the Windy City, but it can also be a hot city. At Deljo Heating & Cooling we offer AC repair in Chicago second to none to make sure that your home or office remains cool in the summer.

As a Carrier Factory authorized dealer, you can count on Deljo’s staff of highly qualified technicians to provide the same-day AC repair service needed to get your home or office back to the comfortable temperature you need.

Deljo’s AC services includes the following:

The central air in your home or office has two major components, the condenser, and the handler. The compressor sits outside, while the air handler is found in various places such as the attic, garage or utility space. Though the components are spread out, our expert technicians with their specialized diagnostic equipment can quickly locate the problem and provide you the best AC repair in Chicago.

And Deljo’s technicians will never cut corners. They will work until they have resolved your problem and earned your trust.

Hire The Professionals for AC Repair

You may be wondering how you will know when it’s time to get AC repair. Over time, you will become familiar with how your HVAC unit operates. When it is time to have air conditioner repairs done, you will probably notice some of the following signs.

  • No Cool Air Coming Out of the Vents – Among the most noticeable warning signs your HVAC unit needs to be repaired is a lack of cool air coming out of your vents. This problem can be caused by a number of issues.
  • Weakened Air Flow – For the most part, the air coming out of your vents should be quite powerful. As soon as you start to notice your airflow is weakened, you need to call our team. In some instances, this problem can be fixed by changing out a dirty air filter. The only way we can figure out what is going on with the HVAC system in your Chicago home is by inspecting it thoroughly.
  • Issues With Moisture – If you start to notice there is moisture forming around your air conditioning unit, you may be dealing with a refrigerant problem. When refrigerant leaks out of your HVAC unit, it will produce a lot of moisture. Our experienced technicians will be able to find and fix the refrigerant leak in a hurry.

Why Choose Deljo Heating & Cooling

In addition to AC repair in Chicago, Deljo offers you a variety of maintenance plans designed to keep your AC unit running for 20 years or more. Deljo Maintenance Plans start as low as $24 per month and will save you a lot of money in the long run, money you can spend on fun things like a family vacation!

Despite your best efforts at proper maintenance, over time equipment wears out, and Deljo can replace that worn out AC. We have a wide range of excellent Carrier AC units to choose from, and our sales staff will help you find one that best fits your needs.

We also understand that replacement is expensive, and not every family has the emergency funds needed for this situation. So Deljo offers a variety of financing options to help with this expense, including 0% for up to 60 months for qualified buyers.

Whatever the situation you face – repair, maintenance or replacement – Deljo Heating & Cooling takes pride in providing the very best in AC service in Chicago.

We’ve served North Chicago since 1922, and we want to serve you! So call us today at 773-829-4295.

And remember what we always say, Deljo’s goal is to get it right the first time, every time!