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How To Prep Your HVAC System For Summer

Q: How can I prepare my AC unit for summer?

A: With the warm weather on the horizon, it’s important to begin considering the health of your HVAC system. You likely haven’t considered the health of your air conditioning unit since the end of last summer, but now it is once again time to consider how well your unit is functioning for a summer of fun ahead. 

Tips To Prep Your HVAC System For Summer

Change the Filter

First and foremost, you should change the filter of your air conditioning unit. Although it seems simple, this is one of the most important measures that you can take to reduce the need for AC repair in Ravenswood. Filters should be replaced on a regular basis to help circulate fresh, clean air throughout your home. If you need assistance finding the right filter for your system or if you’re due to order a new one, our team at Deljo Heating & Cooling is happy to help!

Clean the Condensation Lines

There is a pipe in your AC unit that carries condensation away from your unit that can easily get clogged. In the case that there is blockage, your unit itself will become backed up. This can quickly snowball into a serious problem resulting in the need for immediate AC repair in Ravenswood. Of course, if you need help locating this pipe, please call our team. 

Clean the Coils & Fins

Throughout Chicago’s winter, your AC unit has been collecting dust and debris. It’s time to unclog that gunk to help your unit run more efficiently for the warmer months ahead. Simply take your garden hose and spray down the outside to clean the coils. For the fins, use a toothbrush and run it across each fin. The metal is thin and can be bent, so don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning. 

Remove Surrounding Debris

Your unit needs to be clear of built-up debris in order for it to run at peak performance. Take a quick look at your unit and make sure there are not any surrounding plants, leaves, branches or long grass that have the potential of getting in the way of your unit’s airflow. We also recommend cutting the grass before turning on your unit. Ideally, you will check back on the unit itself at least once per month to make sure that new debris hasn’t accumulated. 

Contact Our Team at Deljo Heating & Cooling

Our team at Deljo highly recommends regular HVAC maintenance to avoid the need for AC repair in Ravenswood at the most inopportune times. We are happy to look over your system before the weather gets warmer! Please get in touch with us today to see the Deljo Difference firsthand!

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