Ecobee Smart Thermostat

In today’s world, technology is integrated into almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. So why should our HVAC systems be any different? Thanks to the ecobee smart thermostat, controlling the temperature in your home is easier and more affordable than ever. For starters, you will save an average of 23 percent on your heating or cooling costs.

While smart thermostats have been around for some time, their design continues to evolve and offer even more benefits to customers. Plus, ecobee is one of the top smart thermostat brands, and our team at Deljo Heating & Cooling is proud to offer it to our customers!

Why Choose a Smart Thermostat

Why Choose a Smart Thermostat?

In the past few years, smart thermostats have taken off in popularity, and for good reason. They offer consumers the convenience of controlling the temperature of their home, apartment or office space from anywhere. Maybe you are coming back from a vacation and want to walk into a warm house. Or maybe there was an unexpected weather shift while you were at work and you need to adjust your apartment accordingly. Smart thermostats give you the power!

Another reason that a smart thermostat can benefit you is through money savings. You can access free energy reports at any time to see how much money you have saved at any given point in the day. If you are going on vacation, simply put your ecobee thermostat into vacation mode to help use less energy while you are gone. If something isn’t working properly, you will instantly get an update on your phone!

If you want to see how hot or cold a particular room is, you can get room-specific readings on the ecobee app. There are optional room sensors that help you manage particular hot and cold spots. You can also integrate your Amazon Echo with the ecobee, meaning that you can adjust the temperature with your voice. Are you running low on groceries? No problem, you can ask the ecobee smart thermostat to do that for you, as well as read you the news!

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