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Furnace Installation in Chicago, IL

Deljo Heating & Cooling has been helping residents of Chicago and the surrounding areas stay comfortable since 1922. So if it’s time to replace your furnace, Deljo is the name to trust. Our expertise includes all aspects of heating installation and heating repair for both commercial and residential buildings.

We know that the cold of winter can be devastating without a reliable way to stay warm. That’s why we take furnace installation in Chicago so seriously. Our emergency HVAC team is ready at a moment’s notice to help get your heating system up and running again. However, we strongly recommend regular furnace maintenance in Chicago as the best way to keep the heat on and prevent such emergencies.

A New Furnace

Even when furnace repair is still an option, installing a new furnace might make more sense. Today’s high-efficiency heating systems might be 40% more efficient than your existing unit, or more! At Deljo, we’ll provide you with a variety of options and help you decide which model best meets the needs and budget of your home or business.

We fully understand the need to find value in every household or commercial purchase. When buying a new furnace, you want one that’s affordable but still powerful and reliable enough to keep you warm during the depths of Chicagoland winters. At Deljo we offer top-of-the-line furnaces from the brands that customers trust most. Plus, we provide a variety of HVAC financing options subject to approved credit.

Types of Furnaces for Installation in Chicago, IL

When installing a new furnace, we take a number of factors into consideration. Deciding which type of furnace to install is always the first step. It usually makes sense to replace your old model with a new furnace that uses the same kind of fuel. But given the 15 – 20 year lifespan of a furnace, there might be new options that didn’t exist when you purchased your existing system.

Natural Gas Furnaces

Nearly half of the homes in the US rely on natural gas to heat their homes. Newer models offer efficiencies of up to 98%. This makes them one of the most efficient options on the market and is one of the primary reasons for their popularity.

Their initial costs are higher than some of the other types of furnaces. But the low cost of natural gas makes up these initial costs and then some. If you’re considering switching to a natural gas furnace, check to see if you have a gas line in your utility room. If not, be sure to factor in the cost of installing a new line into the cost of your furnace installation.

Electric Furnaces

Nearly as popular as their gas counterparts, just over a third of homes in the country use electricity to stay warm. Electric furnaces are less expensive than gas models and require less maintenance. Plus they’re quieter and are up to 100% efficient.

But because of the cost of electricity, electric furnaces are much more expensive to operate. As a result, the total cost of ownership for an electric furnace can be more than twice that of a gas model.

Oil Furnaces

Popular in the Northeast regions of the country, oil furnaces preceded gas models but aren’t particularly energy efficient. Unlike gas and electric units, oil furnaces require you to store your own fuel in large tanks. Because of this inconvenience, it’s much more common to use gas or electric models when possible. But if you don’t have gas or electricity running to your building, oil furnaces are a solid choice.

Propane Furnaces

Propane furnaces are similar to oil models in that they require to store your own fuel on site. Their performance is on par with natural gas models, which makes sense given that both use a gas to heat your air. But again, the inconvenience of having to store and refill your fuel supply makes propane furnaces a rare choice for homes and business in the Chicago area.

The Best Furnace Installation Service in Chicago

All things considered, we usually recommend gas furnaces because of their efficiency and low overall cost of ownership. Before making specific recommendations, we consider a variety of factors. These include the age of your home or business and the size of your windows among other things.

Our certified technicians will visit with you and perform heat load calculations specific to our Chicago-area climate. Once we have a complete understanding of your building’s needs, and make a recommendation that we believe best meets your heating requirements.

For the very best in furnace installation services in Chicago, call Deljo today at 773-829-4295 for a free estimate. We provide outstanding personal service and a passion for quality work from that first call until your project is completed. We’ve served the Chicagoland area for roughly a century. Let us show you the exceptional level of service that our customers have come to expect.

Client Testimonials

Read the opinions of our satisfied customers.

I always use Deljo. The entire staff is amazing from intake calls to install. They were fast, professional and gave us a fair price.

Monica OConnor Chicago IL.

Joe was great. We came home to a cold house on a Sunday night and he came out to diagnose the issue right away. Very knowledgeable, very friendly.

Kyle Sant Chicago IL.

We’ve been using Deljo for several years and have had a great experience with them. They’re prompt, reliable, and trustworthy. The technicians (David was the most recent) have been great.

Ari Telisman Chicago IL.

My hot water heater had some leaky pipes due to corroded unions. The repair took longer than I thought due to some unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately after the repairs the water heater stopped working...

Maria Pradd Chicago IL.

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