Water Heaters

Hot water is easy to forget about until you don’t have it. Whether you’re completely without hot water or flooded because of a ruptured tank, Deljo Heating & Cooling provides the prompt and professional assistance you need. By providing dependable, convenient and energy efficient solutions to your household hot water needs, we simplify your life.

Water Heaters Chicago IL

There’s never been a better time to upgrade efficiency and rewards through the installation of an instantaneous hot water heater. Today’s hot water technology has answered the demand for both luxury and reduced energy consumption. This new generation of on-demand hot water heaters offers quite a few advantages over traditional storage-tank varieties. These exciting systems are compact, requiring very little installation space, and can be mounted on an inside or outside wall. While you’ll never run out of hot water, tankless hot water heaters perform on demand, so there’s no standby energy losses, saving you as much as 20% from your water heating bill.

Storage-tank water heaters run 24/7 and require a constant burning pilot light. The tankless alternative activates when water flows through and turns off again when no more hot water is needed. Although they are a bigger initial investment, on-demand water heaters cost far less to operate and last over twenty years. Easily replaceable parts can extend that even further, and they are typically protected by much longer warranty coverage. They can prove even more cost-effective because of local tax credits and utility rebates, and quickly pay for themselves through energy savings.

As an alternative to storage tank models, tankless or instantaneous hot water heaters provide fresh, clean water that hasn’t absorbed rust and other potential contaminants during standby in the tank. And because there is no tank, there’s no fear of flooding due to a faulty tank.

Deljo Heating & Cooling offers a wide variety of tankless models for replacement or new construction projects. Our licensed technicians will provide the expertise and quality workmanship to get your water heater up and running and keep it working smoothly for years to come. No more waiting for the water to heat up. No more running out of hot water. No more big ugly tanks. You’ll enjoy endless hot showers at a significantly reduced cost.