How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

There’s a good chance that your HVAC may be the most expensive system in your house and the one that uses the most energy. It consumes about one-half the energy used in your home as it works to keep you either warm or cool. It doesn’t matter if your system is the home’s original one or a recent upgrade, you can extend its life by taking a few simple steps.

Invest in regular, professional maintenance

While there are things you can do yourself, there is really no substitute for an annual or semi-annual inspection of your system by the professionals from Deljo Heating & Cooling.. An HVAC system is a complicated piece of machinery with many moving parts that contribute to its efficiency. Our certified technicians will clean and lubricate all those parts and check for possible problems before they turn into major repairs. Spending a little money now on regular inspections and maintenance will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Change your filters regularly

Clogged filters force your system to work harder to circulate clean air. So, we recommend checking your filters every 30 days and if clogged, replacing them with quality, pleated filters.

Have your ducts cleaned

The duct work carrying warm or cool air through your house is as susceptible to dust and debris buildup as any other parts of your HVAC system. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the unit running at maximum efficiency and add years to the life of the system.

Don’t close off vents and little used areas

It’s a myth that closing off vents and rooms saves energy. Closing vents and rooms for a forced-air system makes the unit work harder and increases energy costs.

Don’t neglect the outside unit

Two things you can do to maintain the outside unit include:

  • Cutting back any shrubs to provide at least two feet of clearance for the compressor/condenser unit.
  • Washing the compressor/condenser unit with your garden hose to clear away accumulated dirt, dust and pollen. But don’t use a pressure washer as this might damage the unit.

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful, and remember for the very best in Chicago heating and cooling service, call Deljo Heating & Cooling at 773-829-4295 and let our NATE certified technicians work with you to extend the life of your HVAC system.