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How to Keep Pets Warm Without Electricity – Chicago, IL

Published by Luke Weiden

Have you ever wondered what to do if the heat goes out in winter? Most people can make do during a power outage to stay warm, but what about pets? Do you have supplies on hand to keep your animals warm with no heat? Here are some tips for how to keep cats, dogs, and other pets warm when you’re waiting for the power to come back on.

Infographic on How to Make Custom Sweaters for Small Pets With Fuzzy Socks


Never underestimate the power of a blanket. Quilts, comforters, woolen throws, afghans and even towels can help keep a pet warm when they need it most. 

Pet Sweaters

Not everyone’s pet has their own wardrobe, but many times you can make do. Baby or toddler clothes can work on small dogs and cats, while bigger hoodies will help keep large dogs warm.

Fuzzy Socks

A favorite staple for women’s feet everywhere, fuzzy socks can also accommodate small dogs and puppies. Simply cut off enough of the sock toe to fit the length of the dog’s body, and approximate where to cut holes for their front legs. Customized sock sweater, anyone?

Fuzzy Socks Keep Your Pets Warm and Comfortable
Blankets to Preserve Warmth Of Your Pets

Body Heat

Keep your pets close to you. Snuggle up with them under blankets to preserve body heat. Small animals can be tucked into your shirt for faster warming. Wear a few layers of clothing and tuck your puppy, kitten, or other small pet into your shirt – soon they will be snug as a bug.

Mylar Blankets

These inexpensive emergency thermal blankets can be purchased in bulk to keep all your family members warm. The mylar sheets reflect body heat back to preserve warmth. These work for pets, too, but be careful not to cover their heads. These are not breathable and can easily suffocate a small child or pet.


If it is safe to drive to a warm location, do so – but take your pets with you. Most hotel chains are pet-friendly and will happily allow them to stay with you in your hotel room. Never leave your pets behind – they are family too!

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