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How Far Should Your AC Be from the House?

Published by Luke Weiden

How Far Should Your AC Condenser Be From Your House?

The outdoor part of your air conditioning system, the condenser unit, works by pulling air in, cooling it, and discharging it into your home. It’s important to always keep the area around the outdoor condenser unit clean and clear of debris so it has “room to breathe.”

Air Conditioner Clearance

The best way to maintain this breathing room for your condenser is to allow 2–3 feet of clearance on all sides. Installing your AC unit too close to the house will prevent proper airflow and cause functionality issues. The cooling system will have to work harder, resulting in higher energy bills. Improper clearance can also be dangerous to both the system and your home.

Deljo Infographic about How Far Should Your AC Condenser Be From Your House?

4 Tips for Proper Clearance

Be sure to provide access to HVAC professionals and allow space to work in the event repairs are needed. To further maximize airflow and long-term air conditioner energy efficiency, follow these additional tips.

  • Regularly check for debris and clean off the outdoor unit.
  • After storms, remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris.
  • Provide shade for your outdoor air conditioning unit.
  • Keep nearby trees, bushes, and plants trimmed to promote airflow.

Remember, allowing proper breathing room will help keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently. Having an AC tune-up before the hot weather hits will also help make sure you stay cool and comfortable all through the summer.

To learn more about air conditioner installation, contact the cooling system professionals at Deljo Heating and Cooling. We are here for all your HVAC needs when you need us.