What is the Gold Star Program?

If you’re looking for heating and cooling repair service close to Glenview, IL, and you’re thinking about working with Deljo Heating and Cooling, you’ve likely run into something called the Gold Star Program. The full name of this program is The Deljo Gold Star Maintenance Agreement and its a program designed to bring our customers the peace of mind they want and the practical help they need.

Put simply, the Gold Star Program is just another way we use to live up to The Deljo Difference. On this page, we’ll provide all the details you need to know so you understand what the Gold Star Program is when you’re searching for heating and cooling repair service close to Glenview, IL.

Why Create the Gold Star Program?

Unless you’re in the HVAC industry like us, preventive maintenance on your HVAC equipment is rarely, if ever, on the top of your mind. After all, you’ve got far more immediate concerns in your everyday life to deal with. Unfortunately, this mindset also leads to complicated, expensive problems that could have been easily prevented.

And that’s essentially why the Deljo Gold Star Maintenance Agreement is such a generous heating and air conditioning maintenance plan.

What Comes With the Gold Star Program

When you sign on to the Gold Star Maintenance agreement, you immediately gain access to a variety of features including priority service, heat exchanger inspection, CO2 emissions testing, and system maintenance. With this program, you can have your air conditioning equipment, heating equipment, and humidifier inspected regularly to ensure that each unit operates as efficiently and as long as possible.

Gold Star Program Inspection Lists

You can find more information about what components are inspected and what procedures are completed for each type of equipment on our page dedicated to details of the Gold Star Program. Each procedure and inspection was thoughtfully chosen by our experienced team of experts to provide the most cost-effective maintenance plan for our customers.

Heating and Cooling Repair Service Close to Glenview, Illinois

If you need heating and/or cooling repair somewhere near Glenview, you don’t have to join the Gold Star Program to get it. You can give us a call at (773)829-4295 or contact us through our website. However, we encourage you to ask your Deljo technician about the Gold Star Program so you can decide whether it’s right for you.