What is an HVAC System?

If there’s one crucial thing about living in Chicago, it’s having a reliable HVAC system in your home. The weather can be extremely unpredictable, and it’s important that you can rely on your home to always be a comfortable temperature. For all of your heating and cooling needs, your home relies on an HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. These four facets are integrated with one another to ensure your HVAC in Lincoln Park can keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

Heating Components

Having a well-functioning furnace is important in handling the frigid Chicago temperatures. Because the climate in the Midwest gets so cold, you’ll be better off spending a little bit more money on a better-functioning unit on which you can rely. Your furnace is most likely powered by gas, and it heats air in one area and then pushes it throughout your home through vents and ducts. The up-front costs will pay off in the long-run if your furnace runs more efficiently, as this will decrease your monthly costs. Older furnaces don’t run as efficiently, and you may want to consider replacing them.

Cooling Components

Another important function of your HVAC system in Lincoln Park is its ability to keep your house comfortable during the warm summer months. The condenser and the handler are the two main parts of central air in your home, allowing for the flow of cool air to circulate seamlessly throughout your home. If you notice issues such as a lack of airflow coming from the vents, weakened air flow or issues with moisture forming around your air conditioning unit, you may need to get this fixed.

Why Deljo Heating & Cooling?

There are a lot of companies that can attend to your HVAC system in Lincoln Park, but our experience and dedication are difficult to beat. We’ve been involved in the heating and cooling industry since 1922, and we take pride in serving the Chicagoland community to ensure the temperature of their home is never an issue. We see our company as more than just a company, but as a legacy that is dedicated to each and every client. Regardless of your heating and cooling needs, Deljo will be with you every step of the way, ensuring only the highest quality care and commitment to service.