Unexpected Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

We all know that air conditioner repair in Chicago Loop can help keep our homes cool during the hot summer months. But what about less obvious methods for keeping your home cool? Here at Deljo, while we’re known for our ability to keep your home cool with more traditional methods, such as air conditioners, we’re not afraid to get a little creative to keep you comfortable.

So in addition to reliable air conditioner repair in Chicago Loop, we’re providing even more ways to keep your home cool. And some of them might not be what you’d expect.

Open and Close Your Doors, Strategically

Who knew your doors could be so important for keeping your home cool? But it’s true; just by keeping doors to unused rooms closed when it’s hot, you minimize the amount of area that your air conditioner needs to cool. This allows your AC to operate more efficiently because it cools just a few rooms in your house.

Use Your Fans

We’re not talking about ceiling or standing fans—though those help too—we’re talking about the fans in your bathrooms and kitchen. Particularly during and after you cook or take a shower, turning the fans on will suck the hot air you generate out of the house. Otherwise, that hot air sits in your home and makes it more difficult to stay cool.

Cook Outside

You probably never realized the practical benefits of summer barbecues, but by cooking outside on a grill, you save yourself from turning your home into a hotbox by cranking your oven up to 400 degrees. Whenever possible during the hot times of year, opt for a grilled meal; it’ll be tasty and you’ll be more comfortable when you go inside.

Keep Cool, From the Inside Out

We often focus on how to keep the temperature in our house or apartment down, but what we’re really after is comfort. And to be comfortable, you only need to reduce your internal temperature, not necessarily the outside temperature. To do this, you can drink cool drinks—and stay away from hot ones like coffee. You can also use ice bags or frozen vegetables as a cold compress against your neck to cool yourself down.

Make Sure Your AC System is Clean

Short of air conditioner repair in Chicago Loop, when the temperatures rise, you should be sure that any debris that may have fallen into your AC unit is taken care of. A clean unit operates much more efficiently and cools your house far more effectively.