Tips on cleaning your AC

Whether it’s your car, your washer and dryer, or an air conditioning unit, things tend to last longer and run more reliably when you keep them clean. For air conditioners, this is true regardless of the type of unit. It can be indoors or outdoors but either way, keeping it clean will help you avoid air conditioner repair in Chicago and will extend the life of the unit itself, saving you money in multiple ways.

To help you tap into the savings that come from keeping your air conditioner clean, we’ll lay out tips for cleaning your AC unit, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. We’ll start with a few tips related to outdoor units and then finish things off by detailing what you need to know about cleaning an indoor AC unit.

Cleaning Tips for Outdoor AC Units

  1. Keep the Unit Free From Debris

Often times, you can avoid the need for air conditioner repair in Chicago by simply keeping your outdoor AC unit free from debris. This is especially true in Chicago because windy days and harsh winters can result in all sorts of debris clogging up your air conditioner. As a result, your unit runs less efficiently. And don’t forget—it’s not just about keeping the inside of the unit free from debris. You also want to avoid allowing debris to pile up around the base of the unit.

  1. Clean the Condenser Fins

You can use a vacuum attachment to do a gentle cleaning of your unit’s condenser fins. So long as you’re careful not to bend the fins, this will allow air to flow much more freely through the unit, resulting in greater efficiency and less wear and tear on the machine.

Cleaning Tips for Indoor AC Units

  1. Wipe Down the Unit’s Fan Blades

After you’ve removed your indoor AC unit from the window (with help from someone else) all it takes is a rag and a household cleaner to wipe off the dust that inevitably builds up on an indoor AC unit’s fan blades

  1. Replace or Wash Your Air Filter

Most experts recommend washing or replacing the air filter on an AC unit every one to three months. Make sure you do this when it’s time to clean your AC unit and you’ll be surprised by how infrequently you’ll need to call in a pro for air conditioner repair in Chicago.