The Process of Installing a New Furnace

To understand the process of installing a new furnace, you’ll first need to know how a furnace works, which is simpler than you think. Still, always remember that you should hire a professional to install your furnace for you.

Here’s how a furnace works. A natural gas furnace is connected to an existing return duct from which the air in your house (which is cold) flows through the furnace. Once inside the furnace—which is supplied with heating energy through natural gas—the air is heated and pushed out through an existing supply duct to warm your home. The process is quite similar for an electric heater except that the heating system is powered by electricity.

What Happens During a Furnace Installation in Chicago?

Installing a furnace—while you shouldn’t attempt it yourself—is simple, at least in concept. You just need to connect the furnace to the existing ducts so that the air can flow in and out of the furnace. Then, you need to connect the furnace to your home’s gas line and electricity. Again, working with your gas line can be very dangerous if you’re not trained to remove furnaces, so make sure to call for professional furnace installation in Chicago.

All that said, installing a furnace becomes a great deal more complicated if the furnace you’re installing is larger or smaller than the previous one. Often times, furnace installers will need to extend or redirect ducts, gas lines, or electricity lines. This makes the furnace installation process more complex, which is why some jobs may last as few as 4 hours and others may take a whole day.

The Furnace Installation Process at Deljo Heating and Cooling

The furnace installation process at Deljo Heating and Cooling is easy on you. We help you find out what type of furnace to install—which is extremely important, both for your comfort and for your energy bill. We’ll consider everything when choosing your furnace, from the age of your home to the size of your window.

That way, we can provide just the right amount of heat that you’ll need to stay comfortable even during a Chicago winter.

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