Common HVAC Myths

Your HVAC system works tirelessly in the background to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unfortunately, there’re a number of myths commonly associated with HVAC systems, and for you to enjoy the best in heating and cooling in Chicago, we’d like to explore a few of those.

Myth 1: Turning my thermostat all the way up or down will make my home heat or cool faster.

Turning the thermostat way up or down, known as oversteering, doesn’t speed up heating or cooling. Your HVAC system works at one speed, no matter the setting, high or low. It’s best to set the thermostat at the temperature you desire and leave it there. Otherwise, if you forget to adjust it later, your system works overtime and wastes a lot of energy.

Myth 2: The HVAC technician replaces the filters during his service visit, so I don’t need to replace filters.

While our technicians will gladly replace your filters during a service call, it’s important for you to change your filters regularly. A clogged filter makes your HVAC system work harder to circulate air. Replacement varies from household to household, depending on things like household size and the number of pets, but you should check your filters every 30 days and replace as necessary.

Myth 3: I should cover my HVAC’s outdoor unit during winter.

Covering the unit seals up moisture and speeds up corrosion. Instead, if a heavy snowfall is expected, cover the fan temporarily with something like a piece of plywood.

Myth 4: During the summer, I should set my thermostat to a higher temperature while I’m away.

Not a good idea. Once you’re home and turn the thermostat down, it’s hard for your HVAC system to catch up. You’ve actually created a lot of load for the system to overcome before it starts cooling again.

Myth 5: I only need to call an HVAC specialist when something breaks.

Like any complicated machinery, your HVAC unit needs periodic maintenance to run efficiently. The dollars you spend on regular maintenance will be easily made up by lowering energy bills and extending the life of your system. And the warranties of many manufacturers require regular maintenance.

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