Saving Money on Your Heating Bill from a Heating Contractor in Chicago

Is there anyone better than a heating contractor in Chicago to provide tips to keep your home comfortable and warm without breaking your budget? We don’t think so, and that’s why we’ve put together this page to provide tips you can use to save money on your heating bill.

Don’t Forget to Lower or Turn Off the Heat When You Leave

Especially if you’re just leaving for a short while, make sure you turn off the heat each time. If it’s freezing, you can always turn it back on when you get home, but giving your system a break while you’re gone, even if they’re short breaks, can really help lower your energy bill.

Make Sure the Heat is Getting Through

It’s easy for vents or radiators to get blocked. This is particularly common with floor vents which can be easily covered by furniture or an area rug. But this blockage prevents you from getting all the heat that your system is putting out. As a result, you have to run the heater for longer to get the house to warm up.

Let the Light in and Keep the Dark Out

Even in a cold Chicago winter, there is sun. And it’s important to take advantage of it. So, make sure the windows that are getting sun during the day aren’t covered by curtains or shades. Also, close the shades when the sun passes by to keep the heat in as long as possible.

Close the Door on the Heat

It’s easier for your heating system to heat a confined space than it is to heat a large open space where plenty of cold drafts can come through. So, close the doors to rooms that aren’t in use and if there any vents open, close them. That way, you make the most of your heat by only using it in the rooms you need.

Keep the System Clean

Just like a rug or furniture can block an air vent, so can dirt, both on an air filter and a vent. Clean both your air filter and vents to let the heat flow more easily. With vents, all you have to do is do a little dusting. And replacing an air filter is very easy and affordable. Plus, the cleaner your air filter, the cleaner the air you breathe will be.

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