Repairing vs. Replacing your AC System

Though the choice to repair versus replace your air conditioning in Chicago can be an intimidating decision to make, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Ultimately, the decision boils down to what will be most cost-effective for you so it’s a simple matter of figuring out how much it will cost to replace your AC system versus continuing to repair it.

However, many homeowners end up making a few mistakes when they conduct their calculations that they plan to base their decision off of. For example, while many people only look at the cost to repair, they don’t consider how much they’ll save in the long run with a newer, more efficient unit.

To prevent you from making any mistakes when it’s time to decide on replacement vs. repairing your air conditioning in Chicago, we’ll review what you should know.

Compile Your Variables

The decision to repair versus replacing your air conditioning system boils down to a few key variables: cost to replace, cost to repair, and the difference in operating cost. For example, if the cost of your repairs last year amounted to 75% of what a new unit would cost, replacing is a no brainer.

Your repair costs will go down considerably, as will your operating costs, and after two years or so, you’ll come out ahead compared to where you’d be if you kept repairing your air conditioning in Chicago every time it broke.

Operating Costs and Efficiency

Energy Star recommends upgrading a central air conditioner to a more efficient unit if the existing unit is 10 years old or more. However, regardless of the exact age when you should replace your AC system, it’s important to note the significance of energy efficiency when it comes to air conditioning in Chicago. Most people see their repair bill or AC replacement cost and focus on that, but the savings of a more efficient unit over time can be significant.

Moreover, depending on where you live and the type of home you live in, operating a more efficient air conditioning system may make you eligible for certain tax deductions or discounts.

Consult an Expert

HVAC technicians like the ones at Deljo have decades of experience working with tons of different types of AC units. Because they’ve seen so much, they have a great feel for when an AC system has run its course or it’s ok to keep repairing. Don’t leave anything to chance; call one of the experts at Deljo today!