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Whether you are designing your dream home, renovating an existing residence, or putting on an addition, you will need to decide on the ideal heating and cooling system for your space. You might not be sure what options will best suit your needs or your home. You might not even know what your options are, so it is very important you get information on every system available to you before installation.

When most people think of HVAC systems the first thing to come to mind are lines of metal ductwork hidden behind every wall of a house, connected to vents in various rooms. Ducted HVAC systems like these have many positive factors, however, sometimes there are reasons ductless systems turn out to be the better choice.

Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

Deljo Heating and Cooling has been providing all kinds of HVAC services, from heating system installation to AC repair, to Chicago’s homes and businesses since 1922. Throughout the years, there have been countless variations and inventions in the heating and cooling industry, allowing us to better serve Chicago communities. At Deljo Heating and Cooling we are happy to offer our clientele installation and servicing of Mitsubishi ductless systems. Ductless systems are great for both new construction and old.

Ductless heating and air conditioning units offer property owners more personalization than typical HVAC systems. Have you ever noticed certain areas of your home remain colder than others? Have you ever tried to warm up the TV room only to find that when it’s finally reached the desired temperature, the bedroom has turned into a sauna? Ducted systems can often unevenly heat and/or cool a building because all houses have certain rooms that retain heat better than others. Mitsubishi ductless systems eliminate this problem. Every room is able to have its own unit, which allows for ideal adjustment, as well as wireless controls.

Ductless systems are also great for add-ons, indoor patios, or spaces where there is no room for excessive ductwork, like a family room with high ceilings. Often, trying to connect existing ductwork to new additions of a home, or a forgotten existing portion such as a garage, is not very cost effective. Installing just one Mitsubishi ductless system can easily knock costs down.

Mitsubishi ductless systems can also help control allergies, as they won’t filter dust that has accumulated in the ductwork into your home. They also have filters which help remove allergens and odors from the air. Mitsubishi ductless systems are also up to 40% more energy efficient than common HVAC systems, and come in various styles so you can choose the one that best suits your home and lifestyle.

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If you are looking for a reliable company in the Chicagoland area to install your new Mitsubishi Ductless system, look no further than Deljo Heating and Cooling. Deljo has been providing heating and cooling systems to customers since 1922. We are not only reliable, but we make it a point to stay up to date on all current HVAC systems and service techniques, from installing innovative new systems, to AC repair in Chicago. Call us today at (773)-829-4295.