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Evaporator Coils


Evaporator coils are often the misunderstood “other half” of a split system. They sit inside on top of your furnace quietly supporting a heat pump or air conditioner outside.

MODEL Category
Efficiency Sound Comfort
Performance™ Uncased A Evaporator Coil - CAPVU $$ Upflow/ Downflow Uncased A Puron
Performance™ Uncased N Evaporator Coil - CNPVU $$ Upflow/ Downflow Uncased N Puron
Performance™ Slab Style Evaporator Coil - CSPHP $$ Horizontal Slab Puron
Performance™ Cased N Evaporator Coil - CNPHP $$ Horizontal Cased N Puron
Performance™ Cased N Evaporator Coil - CNPVP $$ Upflow/ Downflow Cased N Puron

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