Preparing Your HVAC for Fall

As September comes and goes and we are no longer thinking about getting an AC repair in Irving Park, we can now turn our attention to the colder weather and what we need to do to stay comfortable inside. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix any existing HVAC problems from last year’s winter seasons before the weather continues to get colder. As the weather transitions from warm to cold, keep these guidelines in mind to get the most out of your HVAC system, and feel free to call Deljo Heating and Cooling if you’re in need of repairs.

Inspect Vents & Filters

Your vents and your filters are responsible for the warm air that will be essential to the comfort of your home. It is possible that your vents and your filters have accumulated dust over the course of the summer and they need to be cleaned in order to run efficiently moving forward. If you allow dirt to continue to pile up, you will likely have to replace them at some point down the road. Plus, your energy bills may be higher because your system will have to work harder to operate efficiently.

Check for Air Leaks

Don’t lose money by using a system that has multiple air leaks. You may find that air from outside enters your home through different cracks and holes, no matter how small they are. To combat this, make sure that you inspect your house, including places like your windows and your doors, to make sure that there aren’t any openings. This will ensure that when you’re cooling or heating your home, it is done in the most energy efficient way possible.

Prepare Your System

Just like you may notice that you need an AC repair in Irving Park at the beginning of summer, you may realize you need a furnace or boiler repair in the start of fall. Warming up your system is a great way to know whether or not it is still running the way it is supposed to be. Make sure you complete this test run early enough that you can call our professionals if you need help.

Contact Deljo Heating and Cooling

If you aren’t sure whether or not your HVAC system is running properly, make sure to call us before the temperatures continue to drop.