Is There a Link Between Air Conditioning and Global Warming?

While HFCs represent only a small sliver of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, once released into the atmosphere, they trap thousands as much heat as carbon dioxide does. To phrase it differently, HFCs aren’t as commonly released as other greenhouse gas emissions, but once they are released, they are more damaging to the environment.

So, is your air conditioner releasing harmful HFCs without your realizing it? As long as your air conditioner is running smoothly and without complications or breakdown, it likely isn’t releasing any damaging toxins into the environment. However, keep in mind that some HFCs are released while your air conditioner is being manufactured, but this is out of your control. If your air conditioner has a leak of any kind, it may also be releasing HFCs into the environment, so, it’s best to call our professionals at Deljo Heating & Cooling as soon as you need an air conditioning repair in Irving Park.

HFCs Are Being Phased Out

There are currently regulations in the United States on the emission of HFCs into the environment, and they are being phased out of the production process. New molecules called hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) are a potential alternative to HFCs as they are less damaging to the atmosphere because of how fast they break down.

Other Things to Know

As of 2009, approximately 90 percent of American homes have air conditioners, making up about 6 percent of the country’s residential energy use. This energy use inevitably releases carbon dioxide into the air. To combat this, we recommend only using your air conditioner when it is completely necessary. You can also schedule routine maintenance with us to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t experience any frustrating leaks or malfunctions.

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Source: NYT