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Furnace Maintenance Tips

Your furnace should last 18 to 20 years, but not all of them do. Usually, the reason a furnace needs to be replaced before this timeline is due to poor maintenance practices. Of course, if you’ve moved into a home where the previous owner didn’t take good care of the furnace, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

Still, it’s more than worthwhile to practice good maintenance habits so you can avoid the need for furnace repair in Lincoln Square. Plus, the longer you extend the life of your furnace, the longer you can avoid an expensive replacement. Here are a few tips.

Safety First

Any time you do maintenance or repairs near a furnace—even if you’re not working on the furnace itself—be aware that you’re near a gas appliance. If there are any gas leaks or you rupture any gas lines, it won’t take more than a slight spark to cause a dangerous fire. If you’re not experienced working on furnaces, call a professional who’s familiar with furnace repair in Lincoln Square.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter is easy to clean or replace, but because many homeowners don’t realize how a dirty air filter could impact a furnace, they don’t pay attention to it. In fact, dirt, dust, and various debris can easily bog down your furnace’s performance, especially if you use it frequently. Clean and replace your air filter regularly to keep the furnace running smoothly.

Remove Accumulated Dirt on the Blower

When your air filter gets dirty, the blower on your furnace is next. That’s because the debris that gets through the air filter ends up on the blower. To access the blower, you’ll need to take off the panels covering the air filter. From there, wet a cloth, wring it out, and use it to clean the blower.

Check the Vents

Just like the air filter and the blower, the venting system of your gas furnace can get blocked up from dust and other debris. This blockage is not only bad for performance, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure you’re checking the vents regularly and cleaning the vents when they get blocked.

Not Comfortable Maintaining the Furnace Yourself?

If you’re even a little bit uncomfortable doing furnace repair in Lincoln Square by yourself, give Deljo Heating and Cooling a call. We’ll have your furnace inspected, maintained, and (if it needs it) repaired in no time. You can reach us today at (774)829-4295.