Carrier Dealer in Logan Square

Since Deljo was organized almost a century ago, our company has provided heating services throughout the Chicagoland area. When home cooling became widely available in the early 1950s, we began offering that service as well, and today we’re proud to be your Factory Authorized Carrier dealer in Logan Square and other areas of metropolitan Chicago.

Before we talk about some of the Carrier systems available through Deljo, it might be helpful to clear up a point of confusion. Namely, what is that SEER rating that’s often mentioned when you’re in the market for a new AC system?

Stated simply, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and the SEER rating of a unit is basically its cooling output during a typical cooling season divided by its energy intake. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is. Modern AC systems typically have a SEER rating ranging from 13 up to a maximum of about 25. To put this value in context, if you have an older system in your home, it probably has a SEER rating of 8 or 9.

With that technically cleared up, we hope, here are a few of the superb Carrier systems available through Deljo Heating & Cooling.

Infinity® Series Central Air Conditioner

These high-efficiency systems are built for total home comfort and are engineered to be the very best available. Some of the features of this superb system include:

  • SEER rating up to 18
  • Superior humidity and temperature control
  • Silencer System II™ for quiet operation
  • Environmentally-sound Puron® refrigerant
  • 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered

Comfort/Base Air Conditioners

This is another Carrier option to consider. There’re reliable, quiet and efficient units providing economical cooling comfort with a SEER rating up to 18. This system runs as quietly as a dishwasher and resists the elements to run reliably for years.

Performance Series Compact Air Conditioner

The small footprint of the Compact Air Conditioner allows you to install it as close as six inches from your home. Or you can place it on your roof or even on your deck. And these superb, compact units have a SEER rating up to 15.

Whatever your cooling needs, remember that Deljo Heating & Cooling is your Carrier dealer in Logan Square and other areas of Chicagoland. Call us today at 773-829-4295 for a free estimate on installation of the Carrier unit that’s right for you.