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Boiler Basics

Imagine turning on your shower and waiting for it to heat up in the winter only for the water to stay cold. Or maybe the water that comes out of your faucet is always cold, even if you are using the hot side. These would be signs that something is wrong with your boiler.

When it comes to boilers, not many people are educated about how they work. It is not until you need a boiler repair in Chicago that you are interested in learning more about how they operate. At Deljo Heating and Cooling, we provide the Chicagoland area with heating and cooling solutions for even the most unexpected situations! Before winter hits in full effect, here is some more information about how boilers work and the different kinds that may be in your home.

What is a Boiler?

Don’t take your boiler for granted! This is an appliance that is responsible for heating your home’s water for reasons including cooking, showering, and central heating. There are different kinds of energy that are used to run boilers, including wood, coal, oil, natural gas, and resistance heating elements.

Types of Boilers

Generally speaking, there are three different types of boilers that your house or apartment may utilize. The three types include a combination boiler, a system boiler, and a standard boiler. Here are some of the differences between the three:

Combination Boilers

This type of boiler combines high-efficiency water heaters with a central heating boiler, which is why they are referred to as combination boilers. The water in the main water line is heated directly, which eliminates the need for a cylinder that stores water. The advantages of this type of boiler include cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Your overall energy bills are likely low with this type of boiler.

System boilers

System boilers are composed of a cylinder that stores hot water, however, the majority of both heating and hot water systems are built into the actual boiler, making it easy to install. Plus, system boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems!

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers also referred to as traditional boilers or heat-only boilers, contain a cylinder to store hot water and require two tanks. One tank is for storing cold water and the other is used for maintaining water levels for the central heating system.

How Long Do Boilers Last?

We know that you want to get the most out of your investment. Our heating contractor in Chicago tells our customers that the more you put into taking care of your boiler, the longer they will last. On average, boilers last 10-15 years with the right care.

If you have questions about taking care of your boiler or you need a boiler repair in Chicago, contact Deljo Heating and Cooling today!