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Tips for Efficient Heating and Cooling in Irving Park

Published by Luke Weiden

For most homes, approximately half of the energy used goes toward heating and cooling in Irving Park. Therefore, it makes sense that you focus on how you can keep your unit running efficiently year-round. When your system works correctly, it can keep utility bills lower and ensure that you are comfortable on the hottest days of the year.

Air Filter Changes

The air filter is usually located where the furnace is, and it is designed to catch dust and debris before it enters the home. It also prevents home allergens from getting into the system and causing problems. For one, it slows down how much airflow can enter, which forces your system to work harder to keep you comfortable. In most cases, it is safe for the homeowner to change the air filter themselves. However, if you’re not comfortable doing so or don’t know where it is located, ask a professional for help.


Heating and cooling in Irving Park requires routine care to keep the system in good shape. You can read your manual to determine how often and when to get maintenance done. However, most people choose to have each part of the system checked (the furnace before winter and the air conditioner before summer), so they are ahead of the game. If you wait until you turn the unit on to find out that it doesn’t work, you are more likely to need help immediately. This can raise the price, especially during peak time, and also keeps you uncomfortable until a technician arrives, assesses the situation, and fixes it.

New Equipment

Whether your system is old, or you keep making expensive repairs, it could be time to install a new system. The technician can help you choose the most appropriate one and install it for you, as well.