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How Important is Duct Cleaning?

Did you know that a single duct cleaning can remove up to six pounds of dust and debris from your home? The air in your home is full of tiny particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. When your furnace or air conditioner draws air, these airborne particles are brought in. These contaminants can accumulate inside your ducts over time, reducing airflow while recirculating throughout your home

What is HVAC duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning services use special tools to clean dirty air ducts and other components of a forced air system. Because your air ducts are behind walls and above the ceiling, there is only one way to clean them effectively. That’s by using a truck-mounted, high-powered vacuum and compression system.

If you have pets or are sensitive to indoor air quality, Deljo Heating & Cooling recommends frequent cleaning. Additionally, if you’ve recently undergone home renovations, you should have your ducts cleaned. This will reduce the amount of dust that is circulated throughout your forced-air system.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

There are many benefits to having vents and air ducts cleaned. We believe these are the four main reasons professional duct cleaning is so important.

  1. Hiring a professional duct cleaning company reduces the amount of dust circulating through your living space. This reduces the amount of cleaning and dusting needed to maintain a hygienic home.
  2. Cleaning your air ducts also removes harmful contaminants and micro-organisms such as pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mildew, and mold spores. People with respiratory problems are particularly sensitive to these airborne particles, and periodic air duct cleaning promotes healthier living.
  3. Dust and debris reduce the flow to and from the components of your HVAC system. This makes your heating and cooling system work harder and consume more energy to do its job. Clean ducts help your system perform at peak efficiency.
  4. Regular duct maintenance keeps dust and debris out of your HVAC components. This helps prevent costly repairs and will extend the life of your system.

Duct cleaning is not an easy job. Doing it right requires specialized equipment in the hands of skilled technicians. Deljo Heating & Cooling has both!

Call us today at 773-829-4295 and let us help you breathe easier. We will perform a thorough, best-in-the-business cleaning of your home’s ductwork.

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I always use Deljo. The entire staff is amazing from intake calls to install. They were fast, professional and gave us a fair price.

Monica OConnor Chicago IL.

Joe was great. We came home to a cold house on a Sunday night and he came out to diagnose the issue right away. Very knowledgeable, very friendly.

Kyle Sant Chicago IL.

We’ve been using Deljo for several years and have had a great experience with them. They’re prompt, reliable, and trustworthy. The technicians (David was the most recent) have been great.

Ari Telisman Chicago IL.

My hot water heater had some leaky pipes due to corroded unions. The repair took longer than I thought due to some unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately after the repairs the water heater stopped working...

Maria Pradd Chicago IL.

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