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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Address A Broken Furnace

Published by Luke Weiden

Having a reliable furnace is necessary when it comes to mustering through Chicago’s harsh winter months. When that furnace breaks down during the winter, it can be tempting to simply purchase a few space heaters and wait until Spring thaw to buy a new one.

Broken Furnace

This strategy might seem more cost effective at first, but in reality this decision could end up costing you twice as much as a new furnace. Here are just a few challenges you are likely to run into if you decide to stick with space heaters and wait to replace your furnace:

1. Skyrocketing energy bills – Individually a space heater might use less electricity to heat up a single room, but then you’ll need to multiply it by the number of rooms you want to heat. One of the most common questions we get about space heaters is, “How much does a space heater cost to run instead of a furnace?” Running one space heater every now and then, won’t make much of a difference on your next energy bill. Constantly running multiple space heaters around your home, however, can quadruple your utility bill.

2. Higher chance of a breakdown – The low cost of a space heater over a furnace seems more practical. Depending on the quality of the space heater however, you’re more likely to encounter a blown fuse or other electrical problems more frequently than you would with a furnace. The cost of replacing a portion of or the entire space heater can also add up over time.

3. Fire hazards – Homeowners should always be mindful of where they decide to place a space heater and what objects are near it. Curtains, bedsheets, rugs and more, are all considered flammable and could easily ignite if they’re placed too close to the space heater.

4. Frozen pipes – With temperatures falling well below freezing in January and February, another disaster can occur within a home: frozen pipes. When areas of home that contain plumbing are not properly insulated nor heated, the water inside the pipes can freeze, expanding the pipe and cause it to burst. Heating your home evenly with a furnace can reduce the risk of your pipes freezing and save you from thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Keeping your home warm is not just a matter of comfort, but your health as well. Exposing yourself to cold temperatures for extended periods of time can lead to illnesses like hypothermia and cause hospitalizations. Rather than face any of these challenges, it’s better to invest in a new furnace. Keep your entire family safe and warm this winter and for the next several winters.

Deljo Heating And Cooling In Roscoe Village

Deljo Heating And Cooling In Roscoe Village

For over a century, our HVAC company has been Chicago’s most trusted for heating and cooling services. Deljo Heating and Cooling has maintained this reputation by providing fast, professional and reliable service to our customers, day and night.

The upper midwest faces both hot and cold weather extremes, which means your home should have a heating and cooling system that can handle both. While it can be tempting to purchase space heaters to get you through the season, you’re better off calling us for a furnace replacement to save yourself emotionally and financially in the long run.

Please give us a call to learn more about our special financing options for your new furnace and installation service today!