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When Should You Call For Furnace And Humidifier Maintenance?

Published by Luke Weiden

With the sweltering summer heat nearly behind us, cool fall temperatures have taken over Chicago’s weather in September. Highs have been teetering between the low 60s and high 70s, which means many Chicagoans might shut down their AC during this seasonal transition.

While this is a good idea to save on your next utility bill, it’s also a great opportunity to prep your furnace, humidifiers and other heating equipment for winter. Testing both of these systems now will not only allow your systems operate more efficiently, but it can also save you money from unexpected breakdowns or emergency repairs months from now.

Furnace & Humidifier Maintenance

To better prepare yourself for annual or seasonal checkup on your heating and cooling systems, we’ve created an HVAC preventative maintenance checklist for you to keep in mind.

  1. Take Note Of Your System’s Age And Manufacturer – Older HVAC systems have an average life expectancy of around 15 years, while newer systems can last up to 25 years.
  2. Track Previous Breakdowns and Part Replacements – Knowing how often your system breaks down, why it breaks down, and what parts have been replaced, all contribute to the lifespan of your system. This can tell you or your HVAC technician how well your system is currently functioning, and whether or not you need a replacement.
  3. Replace Filters Every 1 to 3 months – Changing out your filters regularly not only optimizes your home’s air flow, but prolongs the life of your furnace and other HVAC equipment.
  4. Inspect Thermostats And System Controls – Making sure that these devices are set to the correct temperatures as they heat your home is a big indicator of its overall functionality. You need to ensure proper air flow or heat is circulating from your home’s vents. If air flow is weak or nonexistent, then you should get your system checked immediately.
  5. Carefully View All External Wiring, Pumps, And Moving Parts – Walk around your equipment at a safe distance, without touching or tampering with any of it, to inspect it. If you notice any tears, loose connections, exposed wires, or strange odors, then you need to schedule an HVAC technician visit as soon as possible.
  6. Present All Checklist Information To Your HVAC Technician – All certified HVAC contractors will know to conduct a full point inspection, especially when it comes to preventative maintenance. In addition to checking for leaks, damaged wiring, clogs in the drain lines or water panel, and the security of all moving parts in your furnace, the technician will also clean your system to ensure it is fully operational when cold weather strikes.
  7. Check Future Weather Patterns – While it’s not always possible to predict when the cool weather will strike, especially months in advance, it’s a great idea to do so. Keeping in mind when fall temperatures will creep well below the 50 degree mark will help you know when to turn the heat on in your home.

Discover Our Quality Heating And Cooling Repair Services In Lakeview

For the last century, Deljo HVAC technicians have been Chicago and Lakeview’s most trusted contractors for heating maintenance and repairs. There’s no better time than now to start conducting maintenance on your HVAC system, so you’re more than ready for Chicago’s winter weather. Not only will regular maintenance save you from the costs of future HVAC repairs, but it will also help your system run more efficiently and lower the cost of your energy bills.

Chicago in September and October might be mild, but winter will be here soon enough. Be prepared for the heating season by getting your furnace, heat pump, and the rest of your system checked. Book your HVAC maintenance, repairs and installations with us by visiting our website or calling us at 773-829-4295.

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