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Tips for Improving AC Efficiency

Published by Luke Weiden

If you want the very best in AC repair services close to Glenview IL and surrounding areas, call Deljo Heating & Cooling, serving Chicagoland homes and businesses since 1922. And to improve your AC system’s performance, here are a few handy tips from your friends at Deljo.

1. Change your filters

Over time dirt, dust and grime build up in your filters, reducing air flow and forcing your AC system to work harder. And the harder it works, the shorter its lifespan. How often to change your filters depends in part on the type of filters you’re using, but during the heat of summer, a good rule of thumb is to change them every 30 days.

Tip: Write the date of the filter change on the filter itself so you’ll know exactly when it was last replaced.

2. Take care of the outside condenser unit

Always keep barriers, bushes and other plants at least 24 inches away from the condenser unit to avoid restricting air flow to the unit. Also clean the unit at least twice a year to remove dust, dirt, grass clippings and other debris. Turn off the power source and then wash it gently with your garden hose. Do use a power washer, however, as that could damage the unit.

3. Keep your vents and registers clear and open

It may be tempting to hide unattractive vents in your home, but that just makes your system work harder. You may also think that closing vents in little-used rooms will save money on your cooling bill. But that’s wrong!

Your HVAC system has been designed for your home, and no matter how many vents are opened or closed, your system is putting out the same amount of cool air. When you close vents, you’re increasing the amount of pressure in your system, and that can lead to breakdowns and pressure-caused leaks in your ductwork.

Tip: Keep all furniture, curtains and other obstructions away for the vents for better efficiency.

4. Have regular, professional inspections

In the fall, before the dead of winter, and spring, before summer heat sets in, you should have Deljo’s expert technicians inspect and clean your system and fix potential problems before they become major issues.

For the very best AC repair services close to Glenview IL, you can always rely on Deljo Heating & Cooling.

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