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Routine checkups can save you big!

Published by Luke Weiden

Why Buy a Service Agreement From Deljo? Expertise, Convenience and Peace of Mind

You may have the skills, tools and time to tinker with your household equipment, but sometimes the smartest thing to do is call an expert, especially when you need help with something as important as your home comfort system. You depend on your equipment to run at its best season after season. With proper maintenance you protect both your investment and yourself.

A service agreement with Deljo gives you that kind of protection. The agreement gives you priority status, so you are taken care of before customers who don’t have a contract. You receive discounts on parts and/or labor, depending on which contract you select. Standard maintenance agreements cover the routine servicing that normally takes place in spring and fall, while more advanced contracts may cover special services with even better rates on parts and labor.

Beyond filter maintenance, your home comfort system needs regular safety inspections, which can also be covered under your service agreement, including a check on operating pressures, refrigerant charge, internal components, coils and venting.

Routine service by an expert helps ensure your system‘s peak operation, and helps ward off unexpected repair bills. So if peace of mind and discounted rates sound good to you, take a closer look at a Deljo Heating & Cooling service agreement today.