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Prepare And Be Weather Aware For October’s Fall Temperatures

Published by Luke Weiden

Communities around the Chicagoland area are soaking up the last warm weeks of the year. Temperatures are slowly starting to drop, which means frigid winter weather is not too far away.

Prepare And Be Weather Aware As Temperatures This October

Much like the transition from Winter to Spring, the slow decline from hot Summer temperatures means Chicago will soon be met with brisk, cloudy and rainy weather, which could include thunderstorms.

So far, the city and its surrounding communities have been experiencing an unseasonable drought. Although some bouts of rain are predicted for early October, there’s no way to predict exactly what this month has in store. Regardless of what kind of Fall weather decides to show up, there are several ways Chicagoans can keep their homes, families and selves prepared.

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered to help you be more weather aware:

  • Wear Layers Of Clothing – Whether you are venturing out for work, school or just to run some errands, it’s important to pick an outfit you’ll be comfortable wearing throughout the day. Layering your clothes with a jacket or sweater, means you’ll be able to remove it if you get too warm during the heat of a Fall day.
  • Pack An Umbrella, Gloves, Jacket and Scarf – Living in the upper Midwest near Lake Michigan, means that sometimes a rainstorm can strike when we least expect it. The same can be said for late Fall, early Winter weather with ice storms and snow. These items will help you keep warmer and drier during unexpected weather changes.
  • Check The Weather Forecast – Set some time to see what weather will look like in the days, weeks and month ahead. While it’s too early for experts to predict exactly what the weather might look like in November and December, you’ll be able to get an idea of when temperatures will drop this month at least. You’ll be able to plan accordingly for any outings, outfits or home maintenance.
  • Winterize Your Home Now – With summer behind us, it’s time to start considering what plants and outdoor items need to be brought in for the colder months. It’s also important to have your home’s heating and cooling system checked to see if any repairs are needed for the months ahead.

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