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How to Clean Your Air Vents

Published by Luke Weiden

There are many benefits of clean air vents. When you keep your ducts clean your system lasts longer, the air you breathe is cleaner and you find yourself dusting less often. Plus, if you have allergies, a clean air vent could help eliminate irritation. Cleaning your ducts by yourself is a great way to save on costs, while still maintaining a healthy happy home. If you need help while following these tips, contact Deljo heating & cooling repair services near Glenview.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Screwdriver: You will need to use a screwdriver to remove the fasteners and get into your vent. Use whatever tool fits, but usually, a Phillips screwdriver does the trick.
  • Brush: A cleaning brush will be needed to remove stubborn dust and dirt from the vent. A brush with stiff bristles like a paintbrush or toilet brush is perfect.
  • Vacuum: A heavy-duty vacuum will work best at removing loose dust and debris, but a common household vacuum with a hose attachment should work as well. The vacuum also comes in handy for clean-up at the end.
  • Broom: A broom might be needed to reach vents on the ceiling.
  • Furnace & AC Filters: You will want to replace your filters in both systems when the job is done to ensure fresh and clean air is circling your house. If you are unsure how to properly replace your filters, contact Deljo heating and cooling repair services near Glenview.

Cleaning Steps:

  1. Shut off the fans in both the heating and cooling systems, so air doesn’t blow debris around when you open the registers.
  2. Unscrew duct covers from the wall or floor. Use your brush to thoroughly clean each duct cover. If needed, covers can be cleaned with soap and water or even put in the dishwasher.
  3. Use the base of your brush to knock any dampened dirt loose that might be stuck to the insides of each duct. Tap the brush handle firmly on each side of the duct.
  4. Use a combination of your brush and heavy-duty vacuum to expertly clean your entire vent. The vacuum is great for getting loose dust in far to reach places and the brush is best for scrubbing away the tough buildup.
  5. If you have registers on your ceiling that you can’t reach with your screwdriver or vacuum, use a broom to wipe away dust at the base of the cover.
  6. Replace filters in both heating and cooling systems before screwing the covers back on.

Keep in mind that if you encounter any mold or mildew in your vents you will need a professional to finish the job. Contact Deljo heating and cooling repair services near Glenview for more information.

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