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How Severe Is Your Furance Issue?

Published by Luke Weiden

You likely don’t give much thought to your furnace until it malfunctions, but when it does, you’ll be scrambling to find furnace repair services around Chicago, Il. Thankfully, our team at Deljo Heating & Cooling has helped many Chicagoland families recover from a malfunctioning furnace both quickly and affordably. Some furnace issues are more pressing than others, so it’s important that you have an idea of what problems require immediate attention and what problems can wait to be fixed.

When to Call Our Team

We recommend calling our team at Deljo if you notice any of the following.

Electrical Issues

Electricity plays a huge role in the safety and functionality of your home. Electricity is essential to powering your home’s HVAC system, so you’ll want to address this issue immediately. For example, if you notice that your lights flicker when you turn on your system, this is a red flag that should be addressed as soon as possible. Plus, when there is an electrical issue, there’s always a chance that it could result in a fire hazard. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, electrical fires or malfunctions caused roughly 43,700 home fires and cause an average of $1.5 billion in property damage every year.

Unusual Furnace Noises

Your furnace may seem to be running okay, but it is doing so loudly. This noise could be the result of the way that your ductwork is set up in your home, so you can have your ductwork insulated to reduce the noise if this is the case. If the noise is coming from the furnace itself, there’s a chance that some parts need to be oiled properly. Common noises include popping, rattling, squealing or grinding. Our team can help catch this problem in its track and reduce the need for costlier repairs down the road.

Your HVAC Turns Off & On

Your system may turn off and on quickly, referred to as rapid cycling. This could be the result of many different things, including a worn-out air filter.

An Unpleasant Smell

The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs is cause for concern, and you should evacuate your home as quickly as possible. This could be a warning sign that there’s a natural gas leak in your home. Call for service as soon as everyone is safely out of the house and make sure to avoid turning off or on any lights during this time.

Our furnace repair services around Chicago, Il are only a phone call away! Please call us today with any furnace-related concerns.