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9 Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage in Chicago IL

Published by Luke Weiden

Chicago faces bone-chilling winters in addition to some sweltering summers. Heatwaves are dangerous and a big demand on energy that could lead to widespread power outages. While it’s hard to predict when one might occur, it is possible to prepare.

From July to September in Chicago, temperatures can soar well into the high 90s or above 100 degrees.

This means the sooner you begin to plan for a potential heat wave-induced blackout the more likely you’ll be ready for one.

Below are 9 tips to help you keep cool and know what to do if a power outage occurs in Chicago this summer:

  1. Install surge protectors – Save your appliances and devices from a surge, by ensuring your home’s outlets are grounded. While this might not be the case for every home outlet, it’s vital for your kitchen electronics, a window ac unit and other important appliances to be protected.
  2. Unplug important electronic devices during the power outage – Yes, your devices can be better protected through an outlet with a surge protector, but it could need replacing after a massive electrical surge. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to unplug devices like a phone charger, computer or even a lamp until the power returns.
  3. Alert ComEd of an outage in your area – Informing ComEd of an outage helps them know they need to restore power in your area and possibly pinpoint its cause.
  4. Stock unrefrigerated foods – To protect foods that need to stay cool, like dairy or meat, it is important to keep your fridge closed. A few ideas for what you can plan to keep in your pantry include ready-to-eat canned foods, fruit stored outside of the fridge, granola, protein bars, and peanut butter.
  5. Stay hydrated – Keep your family cool by making sure they drink plenty of water as you wait for the power to return. Use water from the tap or have bottled water stocked at room temperature for you to drink.
  6. Have portable charging devices, flashlights, and batteries on hand – Depending on how widespread an outage might be, it could take hours for the power to turn back on. Having an external power source for essentials like your phone, computer or even a flashlight, are vital to see in the dark and stay updated.
  7. Close all windows and doors to the outside – Opening the windows seems like a good idea but it’s not. You don’t want to release what cool air is leftover from the AC into the scorching summer heat. Close your windows and external doors. This will allow your home to keep cool while you wait for your air conditioner, and the power, to turn back on.
  8. Close the blinds and curtains – In addition to shutting your windows and external doors, you also need to close the blinds and curtains around your home. This not only prevents the sunlight from heating up your home, but also keeps the cool air from your AC inside for even longer.
  9. Take a cool bath – Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can be dangerous, and lead to heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. While keeping yourself hydrated, you can cool down your overall body temperature by taking a cool bath.

Check on your appliances once power returns

When the power returns, it’s vital to check your electronics that were plugged in during the outage. Little can be done to prepare for an outage around Chicago, however, what can be done to prepare allows for you and your home to stay cool and weather through it.

It’s possible for some electronics to be damaged during a power surge. After a heatwave-induced power outage, it’s vital to check on your air conditioner first. If it won’t operate properly, then it’s time to call an emergency ac repair service nearby.

Deljo Heating & Cooling has been serving Chicago and the surrounding area for almost 100 years. We have emergency air conditioning repair services available 24/7 to ensure you stay safe and cool during the heat of the summer. To schedule a technician to repair your air conditioning, please call (773) 888-4229.

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