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3 Simple Steps To Prepare Your HVAC For Tornado Season

Published by Luke Weiden

March 1st officially marks the beginning of tornado season in Illinois. As temperatures slowly begin to rise, the combination of warm and cool air can create the perfect scenario for heavy wind, rain and tornadoes.

Steps To Prepare Your HVAC For Tornado Season

While your HVAC unit is built to sustain the weather extremes of the Midwest, it never hurts to make sure your system is prepared for inclement weather. Our experts at Deljo Heating and Cooling have gathered three ways you can check on your system ahead of time:

  1. Ensure your HVAC unit is secured to the ground. All screws should be tightened and free of rust. This should protect your system from being flipped over or damaged when high winds roll through the area.
  2. Clear existing debris inside and around your unit. This is particularly important to do before inclement weather strikes. Just some of the objects that should be removed or moved includes sticks, leaves, ice, and lightweight furniture near your system.
  3. Take note of areas prone to flooding near your system. If you’ve noticed water pooling near your HVAC unit during previous storms, then you should consider elevating your system to avoid electrical issues.

Seasonal Maintenance And HVAC Repair Services In Chicago

At Deljo Heating and Cooling, we will make sure your HVAC system is cleaned, secured and running efficiently in preparation for the Spring and Summer months. Since 1922, we’ve been helping Chicago homeowners stay cool and comfortable with affordable HVAC services.

Rather than risk a breakdown and costly repair later, you should make your HVAC maintenance plan now by contacting Deljo. Schedule your appointment online or call us at 773-829-4295.