Home Air Quality & Your Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, the last thing you want is your home’s air quality to be less-than-stellar, as it might result in your allergy symptoms being even worse. When we think of polluted air, we likely think of contaminated outdoor air. However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality is often even more polluted than outside air. Some things that may affect indoor air quality include allergens, outdoor air pollution that makes its way inside, and scents, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While getting an air conditioner repair in Roscoe Village can help improve air quality, there’s no sure way to get rid of allergens.

Startling Statistics

Don’t underestimate the importance of high indoor air quality. The EPA estimates that indoor air pollution ranks amongst the top five environmental risks to public health. Over 15 million Americans have asthma and this number has increased by almost 50 percent in the past 30 years. Children breathe at a faster rate than adults, so they are at an increased risk of developing problems from poor air quality. In fact, they inhale more than 50 percent more air per body weight than adults.

Where Do Allergens Exist?

As they’re invisible to the eye, allergens exist in the most unsuspecting places, including in the fabric of your furniture, carpets, bedding, furniture, curtains, pillows, among clutter, and many other places. Mold is also a factor that comes into play when considering air quality. It usually forms around damp places such as near sinks, showers, basements, humid areas or on produce. Keep mold at bay to ensure it doesn’t send damaging chemicals into the air for you and your family to inhale.

Invest in an Air Purifier

At Deljo Heating & Cooling, we offer Carrier’s award-winning Infinity Air Purifier GAPA. This machine is silent and works in conjunction with your air conditioner in Roscoe Village to help improve your air quality. Its unique capture-and-kill technology traps up to 95 percent of pathogens, shrinks them in size down to .30 microns, and uses an electrical charge to kill them. This is a great way to ensure allergens like pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants don’t affect your air quality.

Don’t let another summer go by during which you are inhaling poor-quality air! Deljo Heating & Cooling is your one-stop shop for all things HVAC-related. Whether you need an air conditioner repair in Roscoe Village or want to invest in an air purifier, contact us today to get started.

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