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Tips To Keeping Indoor Air Quality Healthy

Published by Luke Weiden

No matter the weather, being cozy in your home is important to many people. However, your air conditioner repair experts serving Lincoln Park know that indoor allergens can take away the cozy feel. While it’s harder to have good indoor air quality in the winter rather than the summer, it’s important to know some of the allergy and respiratory triggers that can be within the confinement of your home year-round and the strategies on keeping the air clean.

A Clean House

Good indoor hygiene can cut down dust and animal dander, so focus your cleaning on vacuuming your carpets and area rugs at least once or twice a week—or cut out carpet altogether and stick to hard-surface flooring. Make sure you keep your bedding, drapes, and other allergen attractors clean as well.

Greenery Stays Outdoors

Indoor plants can attract germs and foster mold growth. There may be some plants that help improve indoor air quality, but they can still trigger allergies for many people. If you love plants, make sure you keep them outside to keep the air quality indoors cleaner.

Change Your Filters

Change your air heating system filters regularly to help ensure that dust and other airborne irritants are trapped in the filter instead of circulated through your home. Deljo Heating & Cooling has professionals that can come clean your ducts to remove trapped dust.

Buy An Air Purifier

Having allergies to indoor allergens can be irritating and stressful, but an air purifier can help capture some of the irritants that may trigger your symptoms. Additionally, a dehumidifier in damp areas—like your basement—can prevent mold growth.

If you need your air conditioning to be repaired near Lincoln Park, contact Deljo Heating & Cooling today and we will have a service technician help you!

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