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Why Annual Furnace Maintenance Is Necessary?

Published by Luke Weiden

If you need a furnace maintenance check in Chicago, Deljo Heating & Cooling is ready to provide professional and efficient services to make sure you stay warm this fall and winter. Some people aren’t sure when is the best time to make an appointment with us. Often our customers ask: “How often should we get our furnace or air conditioner maintained?”

The simple answer is once a year. Annual maintenance by a professional will extend the life of your equipment dramatically. Also, every manufacturer recommends annual maintenance to maintain the warranty that you have. It does not matter which season you get your unit checked as long as it is once a year.

The Importance Of Yearly Maintenance

When you perform preventative maintenance, it helps keep your HVAC system up and running all season long without any surprise breakdowns. You can reduce the incidence of repairs when you keep up annual maintenance to have your unit running at top efficiency.

The Benefits

When you are regularly maintaining your HVAC unit, you can expect to reap many benefits, some of which include:

  • Lower energy bills: Did you know that your HVAC system consumes less fuel once it receives a professional maintenance tune-up?
  • Fewer repairs: Contact our professionals when you need a tune-up because it can help catch problems before they become disastrous. It’s better to have a technician replace a part in time instead of having an expensive repair down the road.
  • Lower chance of a breakdown: When your AC breaks down during summer or your heat is not working during the winter, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. When you have a yearly inspection, it can prevent breakdowns from happening because a professional can catch a potential problem before it happens.
  • Longer lifespan: Everyone wants a top-performing air conditioner and furnace. Your HVAC equipment will function at its best when they’re regularly serviced and cleaned. It can also prevent malfunctions from happening, thus creating a longer lifespan for your unit.

Contact Us Today

Some homeowners wonder why they cannot perform maintenance on the HVAC system on their own. Tune-ups require skills, tools, and professional knowledge that only the HVAC technicians can deliver and complete. Make sure you call the professionals at Deljo Heating & Cooling to perform your annual HVAC system maintenance instead of trying to get it all done on your own.

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