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Trane vs. Carrier – Which Air Conditioning System Is Better?

Published by Luke Weiden

At Deljo Heating & Cooling, we’re often asked, “What’s the best air conditioning system for my home?” That’s a very fair and reasonable question for any heating and air conditioning company.

Two trane ac units sit outside of a brick home.

When you invest in a new heating, cooling or HVAC system, you want – to use an old expression – the most bang for your buck. In other words, you want years of dependable heating and air conditioning service, low maintenance and utility costs. Our HVAC experts completely understand that.

When it comes to home air conditioning systems, two of the best-known options are Carrier and Trane. We concede that you can’t go wrong by choosing either system for your home.

Both companies produce very high-quality systems, but for the reasons listed below, at Deljo Heating & Cooling, we think Carrier air conditioners are the better option for your hard-earned dollars.

Reliable and long-lasting performance

For over a century, Carrier has produced AC units known for their innovation, reliability, and quality. When you choose a carrier AC system for your home, you can have the peace of mind that you’re going to get years of reliable service and very low maintenance costs.

At Deljo Heating & Cooling, we offer you the following three Carrier options:

  • Infinity® Series – A selection of high-performance, high-end AC systems
  • Performance™ Series – Fully capable of providing excellent cooling for any home in the Chicagoland area
  • Comfort™ Series – A budget-friendly option providing great cooling and energy efficiency

Again, take our word for it, you can’t go wrong with the installation of any of these three in your home!

Energy savings

Carrier AC systems are designed to operate at optimal efficiency, meaning your home will remain cool and comfortable all summer long without high utility bills.

AC systems are rated by their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER rating), the higher the ratio, the more energy-efficient the system. Most of Carrier’s systems are ENERGY-STAR qualified by the U.S. Department of Energy, meaning these systems use less energy in cooling your home. To earn this highly desired rating, systems must meet strict energy efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy.

Noise-free operation

The Carrier AC systems installed by Deljo Heating & Cooling are all designed to run quietly, helping you maintain a calm, relaxing feel in your home. For example, some Carrier options come with sound blanket construction designed to reduce compressor noise. Even without this system, however, Carrier ACs operate much quieter than just about any other system on the market today.

Deljo’s Air Conditioning Installation In The Chicagoland Area

For all of these reasons and more, our HVAC contractors believe that Carrier is your best choice for a home AC system. For the very best AC installation and service that Chicagoland HVAC industry has to offer, contact Deljo Heating & Cooling today.