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The Benefits Of Getting A Steam Humidifier For Your Furnace

Published by Luke Weiden

Despite all the snow, ice and rain Chicago has received in the last month, frigid temperatures and strong winds continue to create a painfully dry environment. There’s no escape from it, between the cold air outside and dry air from our furnaces.

While certain medications and remedies can help us combat these dry conditions, a steam humidifier can be a long-term solution.

Installing a steam humidifier in your home will turn it into the perfect escape from dry weather woes. If you decide to add one onto your HVAC equipment this year, then there’s a good chance you’ll experience at least one of the following benefits:

  • A reduction in your monthly energy bills
  • Less seasonal allergy flare-ups, when you’re indoors
  • An extra layer of protection for furniture, wood floors and equipment that is sensitive to dry weather conditions

While there is no guarantee that a steam humidifier will solve all of your dry weather-related difficulties, it will help create a more comfortable environment in your home.

Steam Humidifier For Furnace

Here’s How It Works

A steam humidifier works by releasing moisture into the air, alongside your furnace or air conditioning system. After the humidifier is attached to a water pipe near your heating and cooling units, it collects water and heats it up using electricity. Once the water boils it creates a controlled amount of steam that gets released into your ventilation system.

While it might be attached to or located near your heating system, a steam humidifier does not require a furnace to work. Because of this, your living space can stay dry during humid summer days and more saturated throughout the dry winter.

Homeowners should set the humidity levels on their system to be between 30 and 50 percent. If your humidifier’s levels exceed 50 percent, not only are you oversaturating the inside of your home, but you’re also leaving it susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. Levels that drop below 30 percent can trigger seasonal allergy flare ups that involve dry skin and respiratory illnesses. Lower humidity levels also create an environment that airborne viruses can spread in.

In addition to maintaining comfortable humidity levels, your steam humidifier will actually help your HVAC system work more efficiently in your living space. Instead of your air conditioning or heating system working alone, either system will work with the steam humidifier to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.

Make It Last: Furnace Humidifier Maintenance

Just like your other HVAC equipment, a home humidifier requires routine maintenance to run efficiently over time. You should replace your furnace humidifier’s filter at least once per year. This will not only prolong the life of your system, but also add another layer of protection against allergens in your home.

The Trusted Heating Company Of Avondale

For 100 years, Deljo Heating and Cooling has been the trusted HVAC company of Chicagoans. Rain or shine, we are always available to make sure our customers’ HVAC equipment works reliably and efficiently.

Our teams are certified, licensed and trained to work with numerous manufacturers, because we know every home has different heating and cooling needs. Whether you need a furnace repair or a new steam humidifier installed, Deljo will get it done.

Schedule your appointment online or give us a call at 773-829-4295.

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