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Preparing Your AC Unit for Cold Weather

Published by Luke Weiden

Now that summer is winding down and the temperatures are cooling off, you’ll want to consider giving your air conditioner some TLC before fall starts. After a long season of keeping you and your family safe, your air conditioner can benefit from a few simple services to help extend its lifespan and prepare it for next year.

Although it may seem unnecessary to put this much effort into properly storing your air conditioning unit, it will ultimately make your life easier when the spring rolls around. Here are some tips from our HVAC contractor near Niles.

Power Off the Unit

Once you’re sure the weather is going to stay cool enough, it’s time to officially turn the unit off for the season. There’s an exterior power circuit that controls the power of your unit. Lift the plastic or metal cover and flip the switch off. This is a small measure to ensure that you don’t get electrocuted or shocked while you’re working on the unit, too.

Clean It

Sweep off any leftover leaves or twigs that you find in and around your unit. If you have a fin comb, use it to remove any excess material on the surface of your unit’s fins. You can also take a hose to run warm water over your unit, removing stuck-on particles such as bird droppings or dirt. Take a clean towel and wipe it dry.

Inspect & Cover It

Look over your unit and make sure there aren’t apparent cracks or damage that need to be addressed before the fall. There shouldn’t be any apparent cracks or fractures; if there are, contact our team at Deljo to take advantage of our HVAC repair services near Niles.

Covering your unit with a tarp or AC-specific cover will protect it from further damage during the winter.

Insulate It

Chicago’s winters can be brutally cold, so any extra insulation that you can add is helpful in extending the lifespan of your unit. Foam pipe covers are a cheap and effective way to keep the wires leading to the unit covered and free from damage. Insulation also keeps water out of your unit, which could turn to ice during the winter.

Remember to Schedule Maintenance

After you’ve completed the above steps for your AC unit, it’s recommended to then schedule furnace maintenance. Between seasons is a great time to get your unit checked for red flags. Please contact us if you’re ready to schedule an appointment or call us with any questions you may have.