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How to Keep Your Furnace Operating Efficiently

Published by Luke Weiden

When your furnace operates in an efficient way, it will save you money in return. Most importantly, an efficient furnace creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere in your home during the cold weather months. Taking advantage of furnace maintenance in Chicago can help you keep your furnace running as it should. Here are three typical maintenance tasks completed by expert HVAC technicians.

Changing the Air Filter

Having your air filter changed is just one of the things you have done when you get furnace maintenance in Chicago. Over time, an air filter becomes clogged with pet hair, dirt, dust and other debris. This can prevent your furnace from operating efficiently. Putting in a clean filter means it can collect airborne debris allowing the warm air to flow freely through the air duct system.

Checking the Connections

Not surprisingly, a furnace has a lot of wiring and other connections inside it. These can experience wear and tear and sometimes come loose as a furnace operates. An important part of furnace maintenance is ensuring the wiring is connected as it should be. A technician is skilled in evaluating a furnace’s connections as well as the condition of the wiring.

Testing the Thermostat

Testing the thermostat for accuracy is another part of furnace maintenance. If your thermostat reads 68 degrees, you want to know that the room temperature is actually 68 degrees. Technicians use equipment to test the accuracy of a thermostat to make sure no adjustments are needed in the system. If thermostat adjustments are necessary, experienced technicians are trained to make them.

Keeping your furnace in shipshape can help to extend its life and save on your energy bills. For reliable furnace maintenance in Chicago, call Deljo Heating & Cooling today. For more information check out https://deljoheating.com/.